The story of Atomic Provisions is not your typical restaurant story. In 2004, Drew Shader purchased a bar named “Atomic Cowboy” in the East Colfax neighborhood of Denver at 22 years old. As the sole proprietor, Drew worked tirelessly side by side with the crew from set-up to clean-up, building the Atomic Cowboy into a success and a fixture in the neighborhood.


With the non-stop grit of the bar business,
Drew wanted a change. “I was watching people drinking and smoking their lives away day by day. I hated it. I knew I had to change the business.”

In comes Fat Sully’s Pizza. Drew loved the notion of selling pizza like they do on the streets of New York. So, he cut a window into the store-front and started selling Big-Ass Slices in true New York style directly on to Colfax Ave.


Fat Sully’s quickly became a huge success, equaling the sales of the already busy bar within six months. With food trucks on the rise nationally, Drew saw an opportunity to bring his first culinary love from his southern roots to Denver: Biscuits. The Biscuit Bus was born.

Another immediate hit, with people driving from all over the state to find where the Biscuit Bus might be parked that day, Drew knew his biscuit concept deserved a bigger venue. 

He remodeled a space within the Atomic Cowboy bar, launched Denver Biscuit Company, and the triple concept became reality: Biscuits in the morning, pizza at night, and a bar all day.    

In no time these concepts were outgrowing the Colfax space. Two hour waits on the weekends told Drew what he needed to know, and location number two opened on Broadway.


Recognition started pouring in: CNN, Food
Network, Travel Channel, countless local publications. Even with now two locations and two food trucks running nonstop, it wasn’t enough to satisfy a now national craving. With winning brands and a focused menu, growth became Drew’s next focus. The Tennyson location opened in NW Denver, followed shortly thereafter by a location in the Stanley Marketplace in Aurora. Next came Colorado Springs, a 10,000 sq ft. location that brought with it the addition of Frozen Gold, a gourmet soft serve ice cream concept. Next up: Kansas City. A flagship location, the first out of state for Atomic Provisions, the Kansas City location lies in the heart of Westport and is the jumping off point for growth in the larger Midwest.

The pandemic, while a challenge, also became an opportunity. With Denver Biscuit Company closing in the afternoon, and with the lights out at night, Drew and the DBC Chef’s began playing with a new idea: Burgers. The Lights Out Burger was born. With another layer of strength added to the already successful brands, Drew set his sights on another first: a drive-thru location. This would allow for the full-service model guests had come to love while also providing an incredibly efficient model to provide food off-premise. Opening Spring of ’22, the Centennial location will be AP’s first drive-thru location, featuring both Denver Biscuit Company and Lights Out.


Atomic Provisions is now home to 5 brands: Denver Biscuit Company, Fat Sully’s Pizza, Atomic Cowboy,
Frozen Gold and Lights Out. 

These 5 brands can live under one roof, or unto themselves. They each have their own personality and yet through ground-breaking kitchen designs and a highly-efficient operating platform they also work together seamlessly.


With focused and craveable offerings, Atomic Provisions offers an experience unlike any other. The power of adaptable brands creates opportunities for success in nearly any setting. The Atomic Provisions mission is grow aggressively and on a national scale, building careers for it’s outstanding restaurant leaders
and satisfying the cravings of a national audience.